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3 Best Ahrefs Keyword Research Tool Alternative for Free

What are the best alternative keyword research tools to Ahrefs? While Ahrefs is an excellent tool it’sit’s not cheap. So, if you are starting or you don’tdon’t have a big budget, you may want to check out other alternatives before signing up with Ahrefs. This article explores the best free keyword research tools (both paid and free) that are available today and what they can do for you if you find yourself limited by your budget!

What is keyword research?

If you aren’taren’t familiar with keyword research, it is a discovery tool that allows you to find out which search terms people are using to find products and services like yours. So, if you plan on starting an SEO service business, for example, then researching popular keywords related to SEO will be incredibly useful. You could then use these insights as part of your marketing strategy. Ahrefs ALternative is one of our favourite free tools for conducting keyword research, but there are also other great alternatives you can use too. It’sIt’s worth noting that some of these options aren’taren’t 100% free but they offer limited access, so you’ll be able to give them a try before committing any money.

How to do Keyword Research for Free?

Many people are looking to do keyword research, but they don’tdon’t want to pay to use a tool. Luckily, free alternatives can be used if you know where to look. This post will list what we believe are three of the best free options on the market right now and provide an in-depth review of each. We will also list some other free options if these don’tdon’t work for you! #1 – SEMrush Keyword Research Tool: SEMrush is one of the most popular tools for keyword research because it has over 5 million keywords available. The great thing about SEMrush is that you can choose from 7 different pricing plans depending on your needs, so you won’twon’t have to worry about being stuck with something expensive or only having access to limited features.

3 Best Ahrefs Keyword Research Tool Alternative for Free:

There are many alternatives to Ahrefs in the marketplace. Most of them are free but limited, and others are paid and more costly. Here we handpicked the top 3 free Keyword Research tools.

KeySuggest.io Free Ahrefs Alternative

This tool is best for keyword research. It allows you to come up with suggestions based on your seed keywords. The recommendations! it provides are meant to help you further brainstorm and research related topics with a high number of searches per month. You can also filter results by domain name and country.
What’sWhat’s more; you can even download results in CSV format to take them to Excel and analyze them there. KeySuggest has been recommended as an alternative to Ahrefs; because it helps users gain inspiration from their competitors and other relevant domains. According to an overview published by SEMrush, KW Finder works well for researching long-tail keywords, finding relevant data about competitors, monitoring rankings over time, finding keyword ideas for specific campaigns, improving SEO efficiency and identifying new traffic sources, among others. While Google Trends isn’tisn’t technically a keyword research tool, we include it here because many SEO professionals use Google Trends to find out how popular search terms are over time at both global and local levels.

WordStream.com Free Ahrefs Alternative

WordStream has a massive database of backlinks, keyword suggestions, SERP data, and more like its much-larger competitor. The free plan offers some limited features in a two-week trial period. After that, you’ll have to pay to unlock all features – which start at $79 per month. There are also four other paid plans:

  1. professional ($199 per month)
  2. enterprise ($999 per month)
  3. platinum ($1,999 per month)
  4. marketplace ($49).

WordStream allows you to create very detailed reports with lots of filters and segmentation options like many other tools in our review.
How to use it for FREE?
Just go to WordStream.com/keywords.
You can explore all the keywords and your competitor’s website by adding the link for Free.

AlsoAsked.com Free Ahrefs Alternative

Free keyword suggestion tool. Many SEO tools on the market make you pay a monthly fee before using them. Also asked is one of those tools that costs nothing to use and doesn’tdoesn’t even require registration. The tool requires no set-up or sign-up so that you can access it right away without fuss. Additionally, it has every feature needed by an SEO, including keyword research, rank checking and suggestions, tracking keywords against competitors and more. The only downside is that there are ads at some points, but they don’tdon’t obstruct your work. This is a decent alternative to Ahref’s free keyword research tool and comes recommended if you need something free but are happy to see ads once in a while.
Similarly, if you want a free keyword suggestion tool on your smartphone or tablet, Keywords Everywhere is a handy option. Its name suggests that it’sit’s available everywhere, and it works on Android and iOS devices through Google Chrome and Safari browsers. All you need to do is plug in your business details, select which country you’re in, and start typing keywords relevant to your business.




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