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How to Change Your Name on Facebook

There are many situations in which you may need to change your name on Facebook. For example, if you’ve just gotten married or divorced, you’ll probably want to change your Facebook name to reflect this new status and start fresh with everyone who knows you on the social network. Or maybe you just want to change your name without any other reason than simply wanting to do so. Whatever the case may be, here’s how to change your name on Facebook when necessary, as well as how to make sure all of your friends, followers and contacts can find you as quickly and easily as possible.

Go to your Facebook Account Settings:

Changing your name on Facebook requires you to log in, go to Account Settings, enter your password and then click Edit. From there, click Change next to Your name. The only thing you are unable to change is your username. If you have any trouble with these steps or encounter any issues along the way, be sure to contact Facebook’s customer service team.

Click on General Option on Facebook:

Then you will see your profile info. Next click on your name then click on change. Lastly type in what you want your name to be and you’re done! =)

Select Full Name to Change it:

If you want to change your full name, rather than your nickname, simply select Full Name from the drop-down menu. Selecting Full Name from here will automatically change both your name and surname. That’s it—you’re done! How simple was that? Now take a look at your new Facebook profile name. Notice that in some cases, if you are part of a group or organization with a slightly different variation of your name (e.g., username), we may ask you to verify whether you want us to connect those accounts when we update them during a name change action.

Click Save Changes to change your name on Facebook:

If you’re absolutely sure you want to change your name, go ahead and click Save Changes at the bottom of your new Facebook profile. Before you do, though, it’s a good idea to double-check that all of your info—including your friends list—has been transferred over successfully. Once you’ve clicked Save Changes and confirmed everything is there, click Continue as [your new name]. Congratulations! You’re officially using a new identity on Facebook. If anyone asks how we know that: We’ve got sources.

My Facebook account is temporarily Blocked, How to unblock?

If you’re temporarily blocked from accessing your account, you won’t be able to log in, comment or like posts. This can happen if you’ve violated Facebook Community Standards or been temporarily blocked by another user. If someone has blocked you, please don’t ask us for help; instead contact them directly and/or work things out together. In most cases, we won’t be able to unblock an account unless it’s yours or unless we have specific guidance from law enforcement that doing so is necessary.

How to reactivate a deleted Facebook Account?

Deactivating your account will temporarily suspend your Facebook account, deleting all of your information from Facebook’s servers. However, if you ever want to reactivate that same account in future you can do so using these instructions. If you want to delete an account permanently and never use it again then go through with a full deletion; if not, then consider deactivating instead.



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