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Infinix Smart 5A – The Smartphone You Can Afford

If you’re looking to purchase a new smartphone but want to stay within budget, the new Infinix Smart 5a maybe your phone. It has all the standard features of phones three times its price, making it a great value and giving it plenty of appeal for first-time smartphone buyers and experienced mobile users alike. Continue reading to know more about this affordable new phone from Infinix.

What Is the Best Budget Phone?

The Infinix Smart 5A is one of the most popular budget phones out there, and for a good reason. It has many features that make it a steal for this price range. Plus, it has received rave reviews from customers who are more than happy with their purchase.

Here’s what you need to know about the Infinix Smart 5A.

  • The phone offers two SIM card slots (and two standby modes).
  • There’s 16GB of storage space available and an external memory slot.
  • It runs on Android Nougat 7.0, in which a 1GHz MTK6737 Quad-Core Processor supports.
  • The Smart 5A sports an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera. It also supports Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n as well as Bluetooth 4.0 LE.
  • With 1GB RAM, 4G LTE, USB OTG, and GPS+AGPS support, the phone can do anything another phone in its class can do at this price point or less.

What to Look for in a Budget Phone?

If you’re looking for a phone that can do what high-end phones can, then a budget model is not for you. Budget phones lack the quality and longevity of their more expensive counterparts. If you’re looking for something to use occasionally as a backup, then this list of budget models may be just what you need.
What should I look for in a good, cheap phone? The best way to determine which affordable handset will suit your needs is to decide what features are most important to you and what functions would be nice but aren’t necessary.

Which Phones Fit This Category?

The Infinix Smart 5A is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a budget smartphone. This phone offers an affordable starting price of $150, a quad-core processor, and 4G LTE speeds. It also comes equipped with a camera and battery that provides lasting power.
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Infinix, a Chinese smartphone brand, has expanded its portfolio with more affordable smartphones. One of their latest is called the Infinix Smart 5A. It’s an entry-level smartphone that doesn’t come with many advanced features, but it’s inexpensive at only $150. Is it worth your money? Read on to find out.

How Does the Infinix Smart 5a Fit into This Category?

The Infinix Smart 5a is a smartphone that sits right in the middle of all other smartphones on the market. With prices starting at $160, it’s one of the cheapest smartphones on the market. It also offers a large 1080p screen and 12-megapixel camera to make sure it can compete with more expensive competitors. So, consider what this phone offers if you’re looking for an inexpensive phone or something to test drive before deciding which smartphone to invest in.

  • A budget-friendly smartphone Price
  • Great mid-range features
  • Full HD 1080p display
  • Excellent battery life

How Good Is the Camera?

To better understand the camera’s performance, we decided to take it for a test drive. The Infinix Smart 5a comes with a 13MP back camera and a 5MP front-facing camera, which is exactly what you’d expect from the price range. We took some photos at various locations, and they all came out well- outdoor shots and selfies indoors. For those on a budget, the pictures are pretty much what you should expect, considering your budget. It will not be great quality, but it will suffice if you’re looking for something within this price range. The battery life is another key point in smartphone reviews.

Generally speaking, the Smartphone Price ranges are not very high in terms of battery life. However, when using apps like Facebook or WhatsApp, there was no noticeable decrease in battery life because these apps use less power than other applications like games or streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu Plus. Most customers who reviewed this phone said their battery lasted about two days before needing to charge again, which is an excellent feature for people who need their phone throughout the day without having to recharge often.


When considering the price tag of this phone, one could say that they are getting a bargain. For what you are getting, and if you can afford it, the Infinix Smart 5a is worth it. Its camera is excellent for an entry-level phone, and you get four gigabytes of RAM, which allows your apps to run quickly. If you need a smartphone but don’t want to spend over $200 or close to $1000 on something new and shiny, this might be your best option.

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