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Latest IOS Updates – What’s new?

At the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, Apple gave its fans much to be excited about when it announced some of the latest updates to its iOS mobile operating system, which powers iPhone and iPad devices. What’s new in the latest IOS updates? In this article, we’ll look at some of the most exciting iOS 12 features that will have your friends envious!

Latest IOS Updates:

Apple released iOS 22 in 2022. Besides fixing bugs and performance issues, most updates focus on security or adding features that users have requested. Take a look at all of Apple’s major releases in recent years. (If you’re not sure what OS your device is running, open up Settings and check under General.)

Integration with Siri:

It would be much easier to add items to your wish list with Siri. All you’d have to do is ask her to add paper towels and applesauce and she’ll automatically add it to your shopping list. It seems like a small change, but it will make a big difference for how people use their phones in stores when they don’t have access to a pen and paper. The best part is that you could also ask her, How many applesauce cans do we need? which will give you an accurate answer based on what items are already on your list.

New Music Player, latest IOS updates:

Music has been an important part of our lives for centuries, so it should come as no surprise that Apple wants to bring it into our digital world. The company launched its Health Kit app on Monday, which tracks everything from daily activity to blood pressure and weight, but Apple is also focused on music. One of iOS 8’s best features is its new music player, which can learn your listening habits over time and filter out songs you’re less likely to like. Want a better understanding of what’s playing next? Great! Just read below. Let’s get started with some quick tips…

4 features you will love in latest IOS updates:

  1. The most secure version of iPhone OS ever
  2. Improved 3D interface
  3. more space for music, photos and apps
  4. have option to add a fingerprint scanner

Healthkit, Carplay and Siri improvements in latest ios updates:

The big thing everyone is talking about with these updates, is that Apple will no longer allow HealthKit or Carplay apps in their app store unless they are built from scratch. This means, any developers with a healthkit or carplay app can only update their app to fit into ios13 with minimal upgrades. With all of apple’s updates for your privacy and safety, some believe that it will be harder for third party developers to get apps into their system. The main reason behind these updates is to make sure apps are secure and safe, which was an ongoing problem within iOS development before Apple launched ios12.

Facetime Group Calling, latest IOS updates:

Apple users will now be able to make group Facetime calls. This feature is activated through 3D touch and is not available for users running on iOS 10.1 or older. When you receive a facetime call, you can quickly respond to that call without opening your phone app by simply tapping Answer. To switch between active calls, simply swipe up from your iPhone home screen. If a user wants to stop using FaceTime in any way, they have an option at their fingertips — by swiping left on their caller picture and tapping Mute. You can also tap and hold down on your own caller photo to place another incoming call on hold or switch it out with another active call.

Everyone’s favourite – Memoji:

With iOS 12.2, users can now create their own custom Memoji that looks just like them using over 50 facial features and accessories. These customized Memojis can then be used in iMessage and FaceTime, as well as shared through social media or saved to your device. We are all hoping to see these hit a few more of our favorite messaging platforms soon! There are some great details within Apple’s Memoji documentation and we can’t wait to try it out!

ARKit 2.0:

ARKit is coming along nicely. At WWDC 2018, Apple announced a number of updates to its augmented reality platform, which debuted in iOS 11 last year. One big enhancement with ARKit 2.0 will allow for shared experiences between iPhones and iPads—not just split-screening on one device or letting two people view one thing on two screens, but actually sharing AR scenes between devices. Imagine playing a board game or seeing fireworks in your backyard with someone across town: both of you can see that object from your perspective and as far as you’re concerned it’s there even though only one (or neither) of you actually has physical possession of that object.

Airdrop Improvements, latest IOS updates:

Good news for Apple users! With iOS 13, sending and receiving AirDrop content will be much easier. And to make things even simpler, you won’t need to look at your Mac’s screen if you want to AirDrop photos or videos on it. You’ll know when something is incoming just by hearing a soft chime on your phone. So all you have to do is double-tap on either earbud (or place one against an ear) when an incoming AirDrop notification pops up and then select Accept or Decline, depending on whether you want to transfer a file or not.

Airplay 2 with multi-room support in latest IOS updates:

With Airplay 2, you can wirelessly stream to multiple speakers in different rooms. Your music library appears on all of your devices with Apple Music or iTunes Match subscriptions, so you can easily play music throughout your home. And that’s not all. With an Apple TV 4K or HomePod connected to your stereo system or audio speakers, you can use any source—like live radio from Apple Music or a podcast from Overcast—to play across your home theater system. You’ll have access to dozens of Airplay 2-enabled apps like Pandora and Spotify too.

Battery Time Improvements in latest IOS updates:

This is improvement in current battery management as well as processor management. Processor will be running at a lower, more efficient rate depending on which application you’re using. For example, when watching a video or playing a game, your phone’s processor will be working at full capacity and therefore utilizing more battery power. On the other hand, when you are surfing Facebook or checking your email, your phone’s processor will work much slower than normal to conserve energy for longer use time between charges. Additionally, Apple has introduced some great enhancements that ensure iPhones run faster and smoother than ever before! Say goodbye to freezes, crashes and slow load times; welcome improved performance!




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