The Best WordPress Security Plugins

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WordPress Security Checklist for WordPress websites

Here is a simple checklist for WordPress owners and publishers. The WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms because it is easy to use however, it has its problems, and it is because of its popularity that hackers use this platform to try to inject their malware and malicious scripts. WordPress security is important today to protect not only your website but the reputation of your product.

WordPress Security Checklist

Use our checklist for good WordPress Security bases / Tips for WordPress Security,

1. Clean and remove spyware, malware and viruses.
2. Save your website
(Have you heard this before? Make regular backups or you will eventually regret it. You could lose all your job if you were robbed. Also, remember to make a backup copy each time you make changes. You can do that by using a plugin or manually.)

3. Never use ‘admin’ as a username. (Most attacks target WordPress default username with bruteforce, robots crack passwords. The first step is to change your username to “admin” or “administrator” in the WordPress Administration Panel for security purpose.

  • Go to mysql tool (phpmyadmin)
  • Get your database
  • Go to wp_users and browse “admin”
  • Under the sign-in column, convert it into something else.)

4. Always use a strong password. (Choose a password that includes many upper and lower case letters, and symbols such as “! @ # $% ^ & * ()” Go to Users-> Your Profile and change it with the “New Password” field below. This will make it very difficult to undo it. Make sure you do the same with your ftp Cpanel hosting account password and do not use the same one you used in WordPress.)

5. Stay Updated.
(There is absolutely no reason to stay in the old versions if there is a new one available. WordPress updates contain bug fixes, risk fixes and cover protection errors experienced by the large WordPress community. The same goes for theme updates. Easy and effective. In fact, it is the best and easiest way to prevent your page from malicious activity, most likely being the result of a corrupted and not fully updated application, site, usable php scripts, etc.)

6. Restrict Login Attempts.
(You can use such as Loginizer)
7. Remove Unwanted WordPress Themes.
8. Spring Clean.
9. Your Secure Hosting Company.
10. Double Layer Verification.

Importance of WordPress Security:

Importance of WordPress Security

Whether you have a WordPress website that advertises your company’s products and services or a blog that demonstrates your writing skills, your safety is both very important. Google closes about 20,000 malware and 50,000 malicious theft of sensitive information. If you are serious about keeping your WordPress site running and protecting it online should be on your mind. The WP core software is completely protected as it is tested by hundreds of developers every day, however security risks still exist.

How Cyberattacks are affecting?

With the increase in the number of cybercrime and cyberattacks affecting daily web servers, eliminating risk is no longer a goal but risk reduction is still a goal. Don’t worry as WordPress Tech Support is competent and effective at all times to provide the best technical guidance to its customers regarding any issues affecting their WordPress site. However, let’s first understand why WP site security is so important for all WordPress operators.

Why Is WordPress Security So Important?

A hacked WordPress website can cause a huge restoration of your online and business reputation. Internet hackers may steal personal information, passwords and install malicious software on your WP site thus making it useless. If you want to maintain your website and business, then protecting your online presence is the first thing you should do.

What are the Best WordPress Security Plugins for Your Business?

It is important to know the latest security plugins especially if you have a large business from WordPress. Some see it as an opportunity to hack your site. The result is that your website encounters threats and malicious software to steal traffic to your website. Cybercriminals will then transfer your web traffic to their website, which is why the best and latest security plugins are so important. Here are some of the best security plugins to improve the security of your site:

Best Security Plugins

Best WordPress Security – It is a “all-in-one” WordPress security plugin. It has excellent features and methods installed in one plugin. It ensures that most security issues will be handled properly without having to worry about any of your WordPress features being affected. Also, it will ensure that there will be no missing features on your site.

6Scan Security – is one of the newest but among the best WordPress security plugins. Provides automatic protection of your WordPress site against any potential threats. Its scanner extends beyond the guide-based protection of other WordPress security plugins. Therefore, it will use effective login testing algorithms to detect any threats to your WordPress site.

Login Key – uses better and stronger password policies. Another good thing about it is that it provides emergency lockdown features to fully protect your site from any attempt to intimidate or hack it. It even blocks malicious IP addresses, ensuring that your site will not always be hijacked. This type if the security plugin is very good especially if you have a lot of registered users coming to your site.


If you want your site to be protected at all times, you need to consider the plugins mentioned above. All in all, the best WordPress security plugins can give you amazing help when it comes to protecting your site from a series of threats and proven malicious attacks. In addition, you should be responsible for the overall security of your site. You should make sure you will update your security plugins regularly to avoid problems.

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