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How to Get Your WordPress Website AdSense Approved?

Getting your WordPress website AdSense approved can be tough; especially if you’re new to the world of AdSense, but it’s not impossible! In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps to prepare your WordPress website AdSense. First, I’ll cover what you need to be an AdSense-ready website. Then I’ll give you some code samples and explain why you need them. At the end of this article, I’ll also go over how you can optimize your site to get approved as quickly as possible after submission.

Steps to get Approved your Website from AdSense:

Google’s policy on ads and content has undergone a few major changes in recent years. To get your WordPress Website AdSense Approved, according to Google, if your site does not have professional, authoritative content that is regularly updated! it is unlikely you will be approved for an AdSense account. This leaves some serious questions: How can I get my website approved for an AdSense account? Is there anything else I can do or create that would convince Google my site merits approval? You’re not alone if you’ve wondered whether or not your site is fit for Google Ads. Here are some helpful suggestions.

Submitting A WordPress Website for AdSense Approved:

To Submitting A WordPress Website for AdSense Approved when you sign up for an account with Google AdSense! you’ll be asked a number of questions about your website and its content. Having accurate information will make it easier for Google’s editors to determine whether or not your site is right for AdSense. Keep in mind that some sites are automatically rejected due to violations of our program policies; if you see a big error message on your site, check through our list of policy violations before contacting us. If we can’t approve your site based on what you submit, ask yourself whether or not it might comply with our policies if certain elements were changed.

Things to Consider Before Submitting To Google AdSense:

Before you submit your site, there are a few things that you should consider. They are different if you’re using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Joomla or if you have built your own website from scratch. But they’re important either way. Let’s walk through them. Keep these in mind as we go through submitting your site to Google. You need to meet all of these before you can get approved

What To Do If The First Submission Gets Rejected From AdSense?

Google can be a real stickler when it comes to what’s and isn’t allowed. If your first submit WordPress website gets rejected from AdSense, don’t fret. It happens to everyone—even major brands that have had blogs up for years. When that happens, all you need is a quick fix or two and you should be back on track in no time. If your content or website design violates one of Google’s guidelines, you might find yourself staring at an automated rejection email with a short list of suggested fixes: Remove violations. So your website would be approved – For example, if they notice too many ads on one page or content farms (sites that copy existing sites or republish news); they may ask you remove some or all of them before re-submitting your site for review.

Once Your AdSense will Approved:

Once your WordPress Website would be approved from AdSense, Keep Making Money, Every Month. The Internet Is A Great Way To Make Some Extra Cash. Not Only Can You Display Ads On Your Own Site, But You Can Also Sell Space To Online Businesses And Make Great Commission On That Sale. Just Be Sure To Avoid These 10 Common Mistakes When Promoting Google Ads On The Web! For more information on getting your own website up and running visit SiteSell ; a great resource for learning how to get started in e-commerce!

When Can I Expect Payment from WordPress Website?

For a new website, it can take anywhere from 30 days to 3 months for Google AdSense to get approved your WordPress website. The application process is manual, which means Google employees will be reviewing your site manually. If you’re ever in doubt of where your application stands! there’s an online form you can fill out to request an update on your status. While Google doesn’t publish its review criteria, we can tell you that they look at a lot of different factors when deciding whether or not to accept a publisher into their network. These include: Content – Do you have engaging content on your site? Are there enough pages? Does each page load quickly?

How Much Will My Website Earn from AdSense?

One of the biggest concerns for new bloggers and WordPress website owners is how much will my websites earn after AdSense Approved? The short answer is, it depends. It all comes down to how targeted your audience is, what type of content you create, and how popular your site becomes. As long as you’re consistent with blogging about topics relevant to your niche and actively promoting your content on social media platforms; you should be able to make a nice profit in no time. Once your website generates more than $500/month in revenue, Google will begin sending checks directly to you. In most cases they won’t cut out any middle men (like ad agencies) so if they owe you money just go ahead and cash that check!

What if I change something on my Website that affects the AdSense ads?

This is usually not a problem, but if you do make changes that affect your ads. For example, you remove or change text on your site, you should contact us. You can use our contact form here. We’ll take a look at your site and re-approve it. If you are using other ad formats, you should submit a request to update those as well. Just follow these instructions for updating your ads and then submit a request through our ad form here. We’ll review your updated ads and approve them accordingly.

Where Do I Send My Payments?

If you’re paying by check, you can use Google Checkout. Note that checks from third parties can take up to 14 days to reach us, and we do not accept post-dated checks. If you want a faster payment process, Google Approved AdSense offers a credit card payment service. Or if you’d like direct deposit into your bank account, fill out a Wire Transfer Authorization Form and send it along with your payment.

What If I Have A Question That Isn’t Answered Here?

I’ve created a comment section on my website specifically for that. It’s called Unanswered Questions. When I was first starting out, I had a lot of questions, and no answers. If you have any questions about making money online, I will do my best to answer them for you (as long as it’s within Google’s rules).




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